Building a Better Community

The Mission Peak Company

Over the years, The Mission Peak Company has earned a reputation as one of the Bay Area's finest homebuilders, committed to building quality homes in premier locations. But perhaps The Mission Peak Company is best known for building relationships. Relationships with business partners. Relationships within the community. And relationships with our homebuyers. It is this commitment to people that serves as the foundation for The Mission Peak Company's success.

When John Wong founded The Mission Peak Company in 1985, he incorporated many of his own personal principals to serve as standards for his new venture. Today, these ideals are more than just a personal philosophy; they are a way of doing business and are found in every home built by The Mission Peak Company.

Site Selection & Craftsmanship

The success of any new home community we build begins with the selection of premium sites in the best possible locations. This, together with thoughtful planning, is the foundation to creating lasting communities which retain their integrity and value for generations to come.

When it becomes time to construct a home, we are committed to building only the best. From innovative design and flexible options, to thoughtful amenities and finishes, we understand what homebuyers want. Then we build it with the finest materials and quality craftsmanship that have become hallmarks of our name. Our goal is always the same - to provide the best home on the market, for the best possible price.

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